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Promoting Zionism and inspiring commitment to Israel is an important part of the Ramah experience. Since 1947, many Ramah campers and staff members have made aliyah to Israel. To submit your aliyah story please complete our survey.

Sarah Drill and her youngest brother, Josh, stand together at Josh’s swearing-in ceremony at the Kotel in Jerusalem.

Sarah Drill Fainshtain

Sarah Drill Fainshtain and her brother Josh Drill are both Ramah Nyack staff and camper alumni who have made aliyah. Sarah is currently the Resource Development Manager for Wings, a joint initiative between The Jewish Agency and the Merage Foundations that provides a variety of support services to lone soldiers after they complete their army […]


Shira Gura

I attended Ramah Poconos for three summers (Bogrim, Shoafim, and Machon) and without a doubt can say those summers were the most poignant experiences in my life, in regards to deepening and strengthening my Jewish identity.