Geoff Winston

Geoff Winston is a Berkshires Ramahnik who made aliyah in 1992. This is what he wrote about his decision to make aliyah:

In 1967, my parents came to Israel, met and married. When my mother was pregnant with me, my parents left Israel for the States, where I was born. Having been to Israel a number of time, including with Ramah Seminar, I learned to realize that my parents made a mistake by not staying in Israel. So at the end of having been in Israel on a year-long volunteer program, on the fitting day of July 4th, I applied to be an Israeli citizen. Six months later I was in the army. Half a year later, I met the woman of my dreams while guiding Ramah Seminar with her. Now – 22 years and 5 children later – I am still working with Americans – youth and adults – with the hopes that they fall in love with Israel like I did.

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