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The Hope For Inclusivity

“The Tikvah Network is not the only way that Ramah camps have shown themselves to be inclusive to all Jewish campers. Over the past few years, I have been excited to hear from friends who still work at camp and to read in Jewish newspaper articles about how Ramah camps are becoming a more inclusive […]


A Transformative Event, Then and Now: 1966 Ramah Israel Seminar, 50th Anniversary Reunion!

“The first Seminar to Israel was organized in 1962, and we were the 5th group of wide-eyed 16- and 17-year-olds that Ramah brought to Israel for an 8-week summer experience of touring, exploring, and learning. We came from Ramah camps in Pennsylvania, New York, New England, Wisconsin, and Canada. Many of us had never traveled […]

Rachel S

One Title, Many Roles

“When people ask me what I do for a living I consider myself a jack of many trades. I play a myriad of different roles. I’m an actress, a counselor, a parent figure, a performer, a data analyst, a lecturer, a student, and a curriculum planner. But to sum it up simply, I’m a teacher.”


Leadership & Responsibility: A Celebration of Small Rituals

“My camp friends and I joke about being a “rosh for life,” poking fun at the ways that our experiences have turned us into not only leaders at camp, but translated into “real-world” responsibility as well. After summers full of schlepping benches and setting up programming spaces, we instinctively arrange the desks of our graduate […]


Kerem Trip To Israel, January 19-23, 2016

“According to Rabbi Cohen, “One of the earliest goals of Reshet Ramah was to create networks of Ramah leaders for professional growth. Through Kerem, we have, over the last three years, provided an opportunity for 20-something Ramah leaders to form deeper connections ,which has led to professional networking, professional growth, and personal religious development. This […]