Jacqui Rivers Vital

Jacqui Rivers Vital is a Canada and Berkshires Ramahnik who participated in Ramah Israel Seminar and made aliyah in 1976. She wrote this to Ramah about her experience:

Ramah Seminar and my one year program at Hebrew U motivated me to make aliyah. I loved speaking Hebrew and celebrating all of the hagim. So much at Ramah is about Israel, foremost the shlichim, Yom Yisrael, and all of the Jewish content. I fell in love with the country from day one of Seminar. Some of my Ramah friends eventually made aliyah too but those who stayed in North America are still my closest friends and are very supportive.

What has she been up to since she made aliyah?

I did the tour guide course in 1979-81, and I have been teaching swimming to 5th graders for the Ministry of Education for 34 years. I have four kids and two grandchildren, and my husband and I were on Mishlahat in 1981.


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