Noam Kornsgold & Gavriella Kornsgold

Our Ramah marriage story is less a story of us meeting, but more a story of how Ramah has been a part of our relationship. During our entire dating career, each of us spent our summers at our respective Ramah camps (Gavriella at California and Noam at Berkshires). The capstone of this summer dating separation was the summer in which we got married. Although we got married in the week following the conclusion of camp that summer, both of us worked at our camps leading up to the wedding. It was certainly a daunting task to put the final touches on our wedding while being at camp, but it was well worth it. Now that we’re married, we still continue to spend our summers apart at our home camps. This culminated in the summer of 2019, when we were the Rashei Edah for the oldest edot at our respective camps. While we cannot predict our future summer plans, probably at some point, we may decide to actually spend a summer together.

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