Hannah Roodman: Project 2×1

How does one integrate cutting edge technology with tikkun olam? Look no further than Project 2×1, the first documentary shot on Google Glass, exploring the cultures of the West Indies and Hasidic communities of Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Project 2×1 co-founder and Ramah Poconos alumna, Hannah Roodman, describes the project as “an anthropology experiment that has turned strangers into neighbors.” Following a series of race riots in the 1990s, a quiet tension has existed in Crown Heights, and these two communities coexist separately. At its core, Project 2×1 strives to encourage dialogue between these two communities by sharing first-perspective stories using Google Glass, which is “the newest and most intimate filmmaking device.”

Project 2×1 develops a truly unique narrative told through the eyes of as many community members as possible, “capturing each community’s rituals and routines, their similarities and unique differences.” With two successful screenings, the buzz around Project 2×1 and its positive impact on community building is incredible.

We just hope that the project has an impact on shifting perception, opening minds and hearts, and allows people to invest in building empathy from here and beyond

Learn more about Project 2×1 and check out the trailer, above.

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