Ramah College Network

The Ramah College Network is dedicated to creating greater Jewish engagement on campus through the leadership efforts of Ramah alumni. We are currently piloting many new ideas at universities throughout North America, often in partnership with Hillel. Our goals include (1) having more Jewish students—whether or not affiliated with Ramah—attend programs supporting Israel and celebrating Jewish culture, and (2) inspiring greater observance of Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

Where Are Ramah Staff Members Enrolled?

Ramah On-Campus Programming Grants

Are you a Ramahnik in college or graduate school? If you are interested in planning a Ramah Shabbat dinner or another type of Ramah get-together on campus, please complete this grant application, or email Alana Tilman to inquire about possible funding and assistance.

Looking for the Right College?

The Ramah College Network provides resources to help Ramah campers and staff in high school learn about different colleges by putting them in touch with other Ramah alumni to ask them questions and hear about their college experiences first hand. The National Ramah Commission has compiled a database of over 1,000 Ramahniks at more than 200 colleges and universities who would be happy to speak with prospective students about their college experiences. Once Ramah alumni enter college or university, the Ramah College Network is a great way to find other students on campus.

To receive contact information, please email Alana Tilman. Please provide your name, your Ramah affiliation, and the schools you are interested in. Click here for advice on the college search from Ramahniks!

Additional Resources

Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life

Masorti on Campus

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