Eric Scott Yanoff & Dava Wiener Yanoff

Eric and I met for the first time the summer of 1998. It was my first year on staff and his first year as a rosh edah. We connected instantly and actually hugged each other the first time we met for no explicable reason. Before the end of the summer we knew this wasn’t just a “camp romance”. We dated long-distance for 3 years, (I was in college in PA and he was in rabbinical school in Manhattan) spending long hours on the phone and commuting to see each other via Amtrak. For the next three summers we came back to work at camp. After graduating from college, I moved to New York and a little over a year later we were engaged. We got married in September of 2003 and celebrated with many of our Ramah friends. We look forward to sending our future children to Ramah and continuing the tradition.

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