David Kieval & Emily Sowalsky Kieval

In 2003, Dave was back for a third summer working in Tikvah and Emily was beginning her first. Their friendship blossomed into something more over many nights painting and making music together in Moadon Amitzim after putting their campers to sleep.

Six years and many wonderful Ramah summers later, they were married amongst many of their closest friends from their years at Ramah. (Submitted 2009) (See also, “A Very Special Ramah New England Wedding,” by Howard Blas, Ramah New England Tikvah Director).

Dave and Emily worked in the program for many years and in each served in many different capacities: both served as counselors and rashei edah, Dave was an inclusion specialist and Emily was a Vocational Program advisor. Dave and Emily’s love for the very special members of the Tikvah community has been evident in so many of their actions: they speak with campers during the year, visit campers in their homes, and included them in their wedding.

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