Arthur Cohen & Julie F. Silverstein Cohen

We met at Poconos in 1960 and were “friends.” We both lived in Brooklyn and started dating in the fall of 1960. We got engaged in 1963 and married in 1965. Our daughter went to Poconos from Tulsa, OK for one summer and spent one summer in Nyack. Both kids have been in Ojai, CA and now our granddaughter is a camper at Ojai. We have stayed in touch with many Poconos Ramahniks all these years and have served on the Board of Ojai.

 We met in 1960 at camp on the bus. We were “friends” all summer. In the fall of 1960, we started dating and married after we graduated college in 1965. (Julie worked at Ramah Canada in 1961.) We have always maintained friendships with our Ramah connections – my oldest friend dates back to 1956. We just reunited with Don Rubinstein after 45 years. Our children have attended Poconos and California, and the grandchildren continue the tradition. We all have long term friendships. Last year we attended our 50th reunion in Philadelphia. It was amazing – Shabbat, davening, benching and our visit to camp were events we will not forget. We especially enjoyed talking to Machon kids explaining about Zionism and the evolution of Israel since the 1950’s. We also explained we had no computers, email, Social Networking – we just wrote letters and occasional phone calls to arrange our Annual Thanksgiving Reunion in Philadelphia. Art & I were Founders of the Ramah Academy in Ojai – we somehow always keep our Ramah connection at home and in the Jewish community. (Added in 2011)

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