Jon Gutstein & Susan Mack Gutstein

We first met in our Shoafim year and were again at camp together the next year in Bogrim. We were friendly but never more than acquaintances. We met up again in high school when we went to Ida Crown Jewish Academy in Chicago together. Again we weren’t anything more than friends. After college we both wound up back in Chicago and our two groups of friends started hanging out together and we became best friends. We actually would fix each other up on dates, which luckily never worked out and we’ve been married now for 15 years so far.

Ramah has always held a special place in our hearts and the fact that we can say that we originally met there makes it even more special. We have two kids who have been going to the Ramah Day Camp and now my son is in his first summer at Ramah in Wisconsin. Hopefully next summer my daughter will enjoy her first summer there. Another very special fact is that my son is now a third-generation camper at Ramah in Wisconsin as my Dad went there as a camper the first year the camp started.

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