Find Alumni FAQs

1. How do I sign up for the Reshet Ramah Find Alumni directory?

It’s easy. Click here and answer a few short questions.

2. I’m already in the directory, but my information is wrong. How do I edit my profile?

If this is your first time visiting the directory, you need to register as a user. Create a username and password and you will have access to edit your profile. If you have already signed up, you will have received an email with your username and password. Please log in to access and edit your profile.

3. I signed up, but I’m still unable to edit my profile.

Please allow 2-3 business days for us to process your registration.

4. Who is listed in the directory?

We only list alumni who have given us consent to publish their information.

5. What information is displayed in the directory?

We share the following in the Find Alumni directory: your first and last name, camp name, years you were at camp, and current city and state. Fellow alumni can be in touch with you via email through a contact button. We will never publish or share your address or phone number.

6. I would like to be removed from the directory.

If you are in the directory but would like to be removed, please email us at

7. I’m a Ramah alum, but I’m not listed in the directory.

The directory represents only a small subset of our larger Ramah alumni community. While your name may be on a Ramah mailing list, you will still need to register with Reshet Ramah to be included in the Find Alumni directory.

8. What is the difference between last year and culminating year?

While “last year” represents your last year as a camper at camp, the “culminating year” represents what year you would have been in the oldest edah at camp. In many cases, these will be the same year. For those alumni who did not attend camp through their culminating year, these years will be different.

9. What is primary camp and how is it defined?

“Primary camp” is whichever camp you believe is most significant to your history at Ramah. It is subjective, and can be defined either as where you spent the most summers, where you first experienced Ramah, where you last experienced Ramah, etc. Please keep in mind that it is one of the central search features in the directory, and may be how other Ramah alumni try to locate you.

10. I’m a recent college grad and I want Reshet Ramah to update me on events happening in my city!

That’s great! Fill out this form so we can stay in touch. (Note: this will not list you in the online “Find Alumni” directory.)