Neil Goldsmith & Elana Hoffman Goldsmith

Neil and I met when we were on staff at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin in 2004; I was a Senior Counselor and Neil was a Junior Counselor. Because he was one aidah younger and we were from different hometowns, I “scouted him out” before the summer began. Little did I know, he had heard I was interested in him, and we started our relationship quickly during staff week.

Although we went to separate colleges, we continued our relationship long-distance for 4.5 years until I finally moved to St. Louis when Neil was in law school. During that period, we spent several summers at camp on staff and studied abroad at Hebrew University in Jerusalem together. After 6+ years of dating, we got married in Chicago in August 2010.

We had a ball returning to camp in 2014 and 2015 for our Nivonim reunions. It was such a treat to show our daughter Dalia (2.5 years old) how special camp is to us! Our closest friends continue to be those we met during both camper and staff years at Ramah Wisconsin.

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