Amy and Ronen on the last day of camp.

Ronen Glimer & Amy Abrams

We met during staff week in 1992. We dated the entire summer and broke up when we went back to school. We were in touch from time to time during college but when I moved to NYC (he went to college in NYC) we became close friends again. Everyone always thought we should get back together but we just thought of each other as a best friend. Six years later we decided to go on vacation together. We have been together ever since and we married in September 2004. Our wedding weekend was at Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center – it was like being up at camp! I always dreamed of getting married at camp so it was really amazing.

Amy and Ronen in 2004

Amy and Ronen were married at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in 2004.

Amy and Ronen under the chuppah.

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