Herb & Barbara Greenberg

Herb and Barbara Greenberg are Glen Spey and New England alumni who made aliyah in 1999.

The contacts we made with staff at Ramah was a key determinant. The mischlachat sent to Ramah Glen Spey and Ramah New England (until the early 1980s) articulated the importance of aliyah for the continued strength and continuity of the Jewish people. Ramah represented for us the embodiment of all the elements that contributed to our ultimate aliyah. We had the freedom to explore tefillah, develop innovative Jewish experiences, and encourage many staff under our supervision to study in Israel. We also introduced and implemented the first Tikvah trips to Israel (seven in all) and we lectured to Israeli audiences about the importance of the Ramah/Tikvah experience. Our fluency in Hebrew was strengthened through our 29-year tenure as the leaders of the Tikvah experience.

We have many friends in Israel owing to the relationships we developed over the years at Ramah. We came on aliyah as pensioners and our absorption was “seamless.” In spite of all the gloom and doom portrayed in Western media, Israel has fulfilled all our wishes and hopes. Most importantly, we are enjoying our eleven grandchildren, courtesy of our two  children, Gabie and Seth, both of whom preceded us on aliyah, and both of whom live in Raanana with their families. In addition, we have audited courses at Bar Ilan University, have published a series of interviews with local Holocaust survivors on the topic of spiritual resistance, taken numerous tiyulim throughout the country, served on a local committee to support efforts for accessibility for the disabled, and of course, cultivated many new friendships.

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