Leah Margolis & Michael Fingerman

Leah and Michael met while walking to Shabbat dinner at the University of Pittsburgh Hillel during their very first weekend freshman year of college. Leah spent nine years as a camper at Ramah Darom, as well as four years as a madricha and four years as a nurse in camp’s mirpa’a (infirmary). Michael spent five years working at Ramah Nyack and six years at Ramah Darom. Needless to say, they had plenty to talk about! After dating through college, Leah and Michael moved down to Atlanta, GA where Leah works as a Registered Nurse and Michael is the Program Director at Camp Ramah Darom. They got married on February 8, 2020, surrounded by dear friends and family, many of whom were staff members and alumni of different Ramah camps!

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