Allan Gonsher & Rini Gonsher

We didn’t meet at Ramah California, but during our junior year abroad in 1967 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. We were engaged the summer of 1971 and after our June wedding 1972, we came to Ramah California and it was as if it were Sheva Brachos for us!

So many Ramaniks came to our wedding which was so far away in Cincinnati Ohio and trekked across the country in a big camper! Some of our friends who attended the wedding included Felice Dauber, Judy Taff, Bobby Taff, Gregg Alpert, Nina Levine, Matt, and Merrill Alpert. Bobby, now known as Reuven, was even the Cantor for the ceremony!

We have fabulous, fond memories of Yissie Spiegler, and all the Rabbis who came to teach, along with their wonderful wives, including the Dorffs, Kelmans, and more. 

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