Becca Weintraub & Jeremy Edelman

Becca and Jeremy likely went to Ramah Nyack together many moons ago but at that point they never really spoke (you know, cooties!) When Jeremy started at Ramah Berkshires in Tzeirim, Becca remembered him as the “Disney chip&dale hat boy” from Nyack but it was not until their Machon summer that their friendship began to blossom. Romantic sparks began to fly after their summer in Israel on Seminar and a long-distance relationship emerged first from Long Island to Westchester and then into their collage years. Becca found herself in Israel and then at the University of Maryland and Jeremy went right to Washington University in St. Louis. While the distance brought its challenges they always found their way back to CRB and to each other every summer. After living in New York for a few years Becca and Jeremy decided to travel the world before settling down in Boston, getting married surrounded by the ruach of their camp friends, and embarking on their journeys through graduate school and rabbinical school. They are both on track to finish school this summer and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them. Jeremy and Becca have a deep love for camp and are grateful to the Nyack, CRB, and National Ramah communities for all of the blessings they have enriched their lives with.