Ramah College Network

The Ramah College Network (RCN) is an initiative for Ramah alumni on university campuses. Since the beginning of the fall 2017 semester, Ramah College Network programs have engaged thousands of students on 27 campuses.

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Ramah College Network Coordinators plan several events each semester on their college campuses and work to create campus-based Ramah alumni communities:

“Being a part of the Ramah College Network has only increased my gratitude and appreciation for Ramah. I have seen the ways it brings people together on campus and forges lasting friendships. For people who have stopped working at camp, the Ramah College Network is a reminder of how special Ramah is and how Ramah is a lifelong gift.”

-Dahlia Katz, University of Michigan RCN Coordinator

“At Camp Ramah in the Poconos, we often say that we live ten for two—ten months of the school year for two months at camp. The Ramah College Network is so valuable for college students because it enables us to bring some of the ruach from the two into the ten. By supporting programs for college students, the Ramah College Network instills the idea that Ramah is a lifelong connection which does not end with summers at camp, and it allows young adults to discover how Ramah can positively work in their day to day lives.”

-Anna Wachspress, Emory University RCN Coordinator

“I feel proud to represent Ramah on my campus and feel that this position has enhanced my abilities not only as a leader but also as a member of the Ramah community. I feel significantly more confident in my abilities to advocate, take charge in situations, and speak up in front of groups of people. Being able to plan programs that my peers enjoy provides me with confidence as a creative thinker, planner, and organizer.”

– Sarah Cehelyk, Muhlenberg College RCN Coordinator

Want to bring the Ramah College Network to your campus? Contact Ariel Goodman, Reshet Ramah Program Associate, at [email protected].

Ramah On-Campus Programming Grants

Are you a Ramahnik in college or graduate school? If you are interested in planning a Ramah Shabbat dinner or another type of Ramah get-together on campus, please email Adina Scheinberg to inquire about possible funding and assistance.

Looking for the Right College?

The Ramah College Network provides resources to help Ramah campers and staff in high school learn about different colleges by putting them in touch with other Ramah alumni to ask them questions and hear about their college experiences first hand. Once Ramah alumni enter college or university, the Ramah College Network is a great way to find other students on campus. To receive contact information, please email Adina Scheinberg. Please provide your name, your Ramah affiliation, and the school(s) you are interested in.

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