Jessica Reiser

Jessica Reiser is a Winsconsin and Berkshires Ramahnik. She made aliyah in 2011. She says about her decision and experience,

“I decided to move to Israel when I was on Nativ. The entire experience of living in Israel and seeing the country really made me see that I was meant to be here. I wanted to live here and serve in the army to help protect my people in the best way that I can. If I hadn’t gone to Ramah, I never would have gone on Seminar or Nativ, the only times that I had been to Israel before aliyah. It’s helping, there are so many Ramahniks around and everyone is happy to help.”

What has she been doing since she got to Israel?

I made aliyah about two months ago. I made aliyah with Garin Tzabar, a program that sets you up on a kibbutz and helps you with the absorption and pre-army processes. I’m living on Kibbutz Sa’ad and I love it. We have ulpan, and I will be drafted on December 25th, so I have some time to work on the kibbutz soon which I’m really excited for.

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