Devra Ariel

1.  What was your last year as a Ramah camper or staff member? 1984

2.  What year did you make aliyah? 1987

3.  Prior to aliyah, did you study in Israel for a semester or longer? Yes.

4.  Did you have family members living in Israel at the time you made aliyah? No.

5.  Are you currently connected to any Conservative/Masorti institutions? No.

6.  What were the key motivating factors in influencing your decision to live in Israel?

Didn’t seem possible to me to live elsewhere. It was obvious that this is where I should live and raise my family.

7.  To what extent did your Ramah experience contribute to your decision to live in Israel?

Ramah gave me the love of Israel and Torah, the educational background, the Hebrew, the experiences (Seminar and ulpan), the mishlachat, and the infrastructure to make possible what to me seemed to be an obvious step in my life.

8.  To what extent did the friendships you made at Ramah help with your successful absorption into Israeli society?

Sadly, almost not at all. My first years in Israel, I was not in touch with Ramah friends so much. However, my adopted kibbutz family from Ramah Ulpan was a great help and support.