Alida Krovetz Bunder & Miles P. Bunder

We met at Camp Ramah and married in 1966. We moved to Israel the first time with family in July, 1981. We returned to South Florida in 1985, and lived there until 2004, when, at the young ages of 57 and 58, we retired and moved back to Israel.

We live in Maale Adumim and are active members of Nachalat Yehudah synagogue, a Carlebach minyan.

We started an amutah, Yashar Lachayal ( Alida started a Hesed project called Atid Tov, and she tutors twice a week as part of the project, to break the cycle of poverty in families in Maale Adumim. Alida has her own ceramics studio in our house (no work, just fun). Miles has a stained glass studio in our house.

We moved back to Israel out of a love and passion for Israel. We also saw that we could live like a king and queen in Israel at 1/4 the price of Miami.