Abigail Blas

Abigail Blas is a New England Ramahnik who made aliyah in 2013. She wrote to Ramah about her experience.

Serving in the IDF, living in the homeland of the Jews, being a pioneer and setting an example for future Diaspora Jews were major motivations. Every summer I spent at Ramah I had a very strong connection with the Mishlachat. From the activities they led for us to the every day conversations we had, I learned Hebrew, about Israeli culture, politics, current events, army and so much more.  Now that I have made Aliyah, I have a huge network of Israelis who I can rely on for a place to stay, army help, and as an extra family. I always have a place to go on Shabbat! My mishlachat friends have also provided me with linens, drawers and other things to help make my move easier. I made Aliyah in August 2013 and joined Garin Tzabar. I draft to the IDF in November!