Seth Greenberg & Ilene Spark-Greenberg

My wife of nearly 15 years, Ilene Spark-Greenberg, was a camper at Wisconsin and a counselor at New England. I was a staff brat, a camper, a counselor and a rosh edah at New England. Although we met on our junior year program at Hebrew University, we went back as staff to Ramah in New England together. (Ilene was Tikvah staff, I was Rosh Solelim) We got married in 1990, then moved to Israel in 1992. Beginning in 1992, Ilene and I were madrichim for two semesters at TRY, one of the Ramah Israel programs in Jerusalem. The program started at the end of August 1992, and Calev was born in June 1993. Ilene’s last hike was up Massada with the Ramah students in March 1993 – 6 MONTHS PREGNANT! Now that’s dedication to Ramah. So, in a sense (do the math), Calev is a Ramah baby.

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