Greg Wagner & Ilyse Reiter Wagner

We first met as campers in Machon at age 14 in 1983. While we didn’t know each other well that summer we did remember one another when we re-met as Madors in 1986. That was the year we became best friends. For three years we were staff together, leaving one another at the end of the summer, but reconnecting as close friends instantly at the beginning of each subsequent summer. When I moved to L.A. after graduating college in 1991 I decided to contact Greg as we promised we’d always be friends. Well, he was still finishing college down in San Diego but happened to be home for two weeks and happened to be the one to hear my message on his parents’ answering machine. We went out a couple of times before he returned to San Diego, staying out all night just talking and catching up. When Greg moved back to L.A. the following spring we begin dating and two and a half years later we were married. We now have three children, all of whom we plan to send to Camp Ramah once they’re a bit older.

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