Alex Stern & Sandi Arnowitz Stern

I had been at Ramah since Shorashim, but Solelim was Sandi’s first summer. Never one to be shy, on her first day at Ramah, Sandi essentially threw her duffle bag on her bunk bed (the same duffle that I would be schlepping across Israel on Ramah Seminar), made two quick girlfriends and headed for the boys’ kikar to introduce herself. We’ve been best friends ever since. Summer after summer we both returned to Ramah, and winter after winter we ran up our parents’ phone bills. Even though we did not start dating until the summer of 1990, when we were on staff, we both have several remembrances of times where we began to know that we were more than friends. We were married in 1996, surrounded by all of our Ramah friends (many of whom played a pivotal role in the ceremony). We now have two beautiful daughters, Jessie and Abby. We can’t wait until they go to Camp Ramah with the children of all of our best friends.

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