Purim Shpiel Stand-Up + Megillah Reading

On Wednesday, March 4, 120 Ramah alumni and friends joined together in New York City for the Purim Shpiel Stand-Up + Megillah Reading at the Broadway Comedy Club in New York City, spear-headed by Ramah Alumni Council (garin) members Ellie Krupnick (Poconos) and Rena Resnick (Berkshires). Jason Goldberg (Berkshires) emceed the night’s festivities; several Ramah alumni, including Josh Rosen (Poconos) and Zoe Yellen (Nyack), performed stand-up comedy routines; and Hillel Buechler (Berkshires), Arie Hasit (Poconos), Sam Kerbel (Canada), Rachel Parkes (Nyack), and Matt Scheff (Nyack) read the megillah.


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