Travel & Retreats

Everyone in the family – not just campers and staff – can participate in a Ramah experience! Learn more about these amazing opportunities: family camps, adult camps and retreats, programs for teens and young adults, travel with Ramah Israel Institute and Reshet Ramah, and programs for families who have children with disabilities.

Travel with Ramah Israel Institute (RII) and Reshet Ramah

Bnei Mitzvah Family Adventure in Israel | December 19–28, 2022
Ramah Israel Bike Ride & Hiking Trip | upcoming dates to be announced soon
Ramah Eastern Europe: Budapest, Vienna, Prague | upcoming dates to be announced soon
Sephardic Heritage Journey | upcoming dates to be announced soon
Ramah Morocco Experience | upcoming dates to be announced soon
Custom Family and Synagogue Trips

Adult Camps & Retreats

Jewish Women’s Getaway at Ramah Darom | November 6–9, 2022
B’teavon Culinary Experience at Ramah Darom | February 17–20, 2023

Family Camps & Retreats

Ramah Darom Winter Break Family Camp | December 27, 2022–January 1, 2023
PJ’s Grand Getaway at Ramah Darom | January 27–29, 2023
Ramah Darom Passover Retreat | April 4–14, 2023
Limmudfest at Ramah Darom | September 1–4, 2023
Book It To Sukkot with PJ Library at Ramah Darom | 2023 dates to be announced soon

Families with Children with Disabilities

Ramah California Camp Ohr Lanu | December 2-4, 2022
Ramah Darom Camp Yofi | August 2-6, 2023
Ramah Poconos Tikvah Family Camp | August 16-20, 2023

Programs for Teens and Young Adults

Tichon Ramah Yerushalayim (TRY) | January 24 – May 28, 2023

TRY, the Ramah Jerusalem High School, is a transformative program that offers 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students a fully accredited academic program within a Ramah setting based in Jerusalem. Students from day schools and public schools continue their required and elective courses, participate in an outstanding program in Jewish history and thought, and immerse themselves in Israeli life and culture.

  • Mifne BaMidbar: Therapeutic Expeditions | upcoming program dates to be announced soon
    Mifne means turning point. Mifne BaMidbar: Therapeutic Expeditions is an immersive, 40-day program for emerging adults (18-28) looking to find direction and chart a new path forward. Mifne supports emerging adults struggling with mental health challenges through an immersive, wilderness-based, therapeutic program.