Josh Menachem Kulp & Julie Beth Zuckerman

We originally met through our involvement in international USY, but we “re-met” in the summer of 1995, when we were both group leaders for Ramah Seminar. We had led fairly parallel Ramah & USY “careers” until then, both serving as roshei edot at our respective camps (New England – Julie) (Poconos & then Canada – Josh).

We spent a lot of time together during the staff Shabbaton before Seminar, and went out on our first official date on that motzei Shabbat. By the time Seminar officially started, we were already an item, and despite being in different hativot, we managed to see plenty of each other.

The campers only found out in the last week or so. We got engaged a few months later, and we’ve been living happily in Israel ever since!

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