Micah Peltz & Rachel Zivic

As the sun set over Lake Buckatabon and the campers eventually went to sleep, the exciting part of our day began. We would stay up much too late shmoozing on the merpeset of Tzrif 21. We talked about camp and ourselves, our lives and our Judaism. By the end of the summer, Ramah had worked its magic, and we were on our way. We continued to come back to camp as roshei edot, revisiting the places and the moments at camp that first brought us together. The most exciting part of getting married for us was going back to camp and being able to sleep in the same room without getting into trouble. The first memories of our relationship are inextricably linked to the programs, people, and places in Conover. Ramah brought us together, and it will always have a special place in our hearts.

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