Jonathan Rimon (David Milgram) & Wendy Wolman Rimon

We met at the Poconos in the summer of ’61. We were six years old, and enjoyed the run of the camp. Some may remember Wendy’s dad, Avi Wolman, as the head of nagarut and subsequently, as business manager. For years, our German Shepard spent her summers in the Poconos! Jonathan (then known as David) was accompanied by his older sister Shoshe, and their mother Roberta Milgram, who taught Hebrew. We were great pals for years as staff kids, and our friendship continued during our camper years. Wendy also spent one summer in Canada, attended Mador in the Berkshires, and returned to Poconos in 1974 as a counselor. The Milgrams made aliya in 1971. When Wendy made aliya three years later and renewed her friendship with Jonathan (who Hebraicized “Milgram” to “Rimon”), the relationship took a romantic twist. Our summers in Ramah provided our shared foundation of Jewish values and planted the Zionist seeds. We married in 1975, have 5 children, and live in a lovely town in Israel called Kochav Yair. In 2002, our youngest daughter Yael spent a summer in the Poconos, and Wendy came back as a yoetzet.

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