Ricky Gratz & Sarah Weinberg Gratz

During the summer of 1995, we met for the first time as Shoafim campers at Ramah Poconos. Sarah was returning to Ramah for her fourth summer, while Ricky was brand new to the Ramah scene. A mutual friend from Ricky’s bunk happened to ask us separately if we both thought the other was cute. We each agreed, and the relationship lasted an entire week, a whole eighth of the summer! For several years after that magical summer ended, we stayed in touch with each other through our close friends in our eidah. It wasn’t until the summer of 2000 that we ran into each other at the Y100 Feztival in Camden, NJ. Sarah happened to be working in Cherry Hill, NJ for the summer while Ricky was working in Philadelphia. Our meeting at the concert was beshert and we decided to start dating again. This time, our relationship blossomed and we married in September 2003.

Ramah Poconos holds a special place in our hearts. As dedicated Conservative Jews, we hope one day to send our children to Ramah so that they too will enjoy the unique experiences that Ramah has to offer.

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