Stanley Platek & Celia Silverstein Platek

I was a camper waitress in the Machon and my Rosh Edah was Chaim Potok. Stanley was a counselor of the youngest campers, or staff brats, as we called them affectionately. He was in the Marp. My friend asked me to come with her and visit him. We spoke through the window. When he came out, I visited his table as often as I could and somehow, we became a couple. This must have worried Chaim Potok , who stood by my bunk every night and waited there after evening activities to see that I got in. Well, that was my first year in Ramah. We were married three years later in the JTS synagogue. He was a rabbinical student and I was in the Joint Program at the Seminary. This September we will celebrate 50 years of marriage. We were staff members in Ramah Connecticut, Poconos, Nyack and Berkshires for 18 consecutive years. All of our children went to Ramah from infancy until they were staff members themselves. Now our grandchildren go to Ramah Berkshires. We are truly a Ramah family.

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