Sanford Remz & Arlene Rosenkrantz Remz

Arlene and I met as counselors in the Tikvah program. I was there after my first year of law school for my only year as a staff member. I was looking for the opportunity to come back to Ramah and doing something incredibly worthwhile that I had never done before (i.e., working with special needs kids) before spending every summer in my foreseeable future working as a lawyer.

Arlene, who had just graduated college, was on more familiar turf, as she had been on staff before and was preparing for a career in special education. Ramah was a place that had previously opened both of us to the joys of immersion in a Jewish life. That special setting led us to discover the joys of a life together with each other.

Ramah now brings that joy to our children, one of whom is still a camper. And I still get to experience it as president of Camp Ramah New England.

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