Gigi Fried & Wendi Alana Portman

My first summer at Ramah Wisconsin, Gigi and I met on the bus to camp and kept bumping into each other during the first few days of staff week. Although at first we didn’t like each other, our feelings soon changed, and we were together before the kids came. He was on the mishlachat and so, after a wonderful summer, he had to return home to Israel after camp. However, having stayed together all summer, we both agreed that we needed to try and make it work…6 years later, here we are! We thank Ramah for the wonderful, encouraging, loving atmosphere that helped our relationship develop and brought us together for those couple summers… which certainly helped with the airfare Ramah gave us a great foundation for learning about each other and growing together! Thank you for giving us the opportunity that really changed both of our lives forever!

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