Daniel Mink & Ronna S. Mink

A thin wall in the crafts building separated them…but not for long! They had a shtetl-like wedding in the woods, where the groom harvested young maple saplings for chuppah poles and used his great-grandfather’s tallit as a canopy. He also carved and put together a table to stick in the ground. The bride hand-lettered two traditionally-composed ketubot (just in case of breakage) on clay tablets and fired them in a kiln. She also hand-built 2 clay wine goblets (to be placed on the table) and glazed them with the words dodi-li, etc.

The underfoot glass that was broken was the light bulb from the woodshop, wrapped in a beautiful piece of silk. More than a dozen mishlachat were swept up from the camp on the way to the woods site and members of staff sang Israeli songs as everyone rejoiced. The food was brought up from the city and one wonderful couple (the parents of a camper) took photos and made a wedding album. It was a very hot day, and tears flowed copiously.

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