Emily and Adam - Agam

Adam Odesser & Emily Meister

Adam and Emily met in the summer of 2014 at Ramah New England. Adam, a first year shaliach from Israel, was an all star counselor and Emily was Rosh Shoafim. After camp ended, Adam stayed in the US visiting family and friends while Emily returned to school to complete her masters degree at The Michigan School of Social Work. They made sure to visit often while Adam was still in the United States and once he returned to Israel, Emily visited him there a few times throughout the year.

Being at camp together made us realize how much we shared in our lives and our values.

They both returned to Ramah New England the next summer, Adam, as a second year shaliach and Emily, as a Rosh Edah. In the middle of the summer, at Staff Appreciation night in front of all the staff, Adam proposed to Emily and she said yes!

Adam and Emily sporting their Ramah t-shirts!

Adam and Emily sporting their Ramah t-shirts!

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