Matthew Kaufman & Robin Lewis Kaufman

We were apparently in Gesher (8 years old) and Sollelim together, but didn’t meet or become friends until our Machon year. I noticed Matthew because he always volunteered to lead morning services and read Torah. He is a beautiful singer, and I admired him for his intelligence, interest in Judaism, and guts for standing in front of a bleary-eyed edah and chanting every morning! I had a secret crush on him, but was too shy to say anything, so he never knew. After Machon – back at home – I invited him to my Sweet 16 birthday party, and he came (his mother had to drive him)! We barely stayed in touch after that; only a few emails and phone calls were exchanged through college. At age 26, in 2001, he looked me up and asked if I would be his date to a party. I agreed. We were engaged in 2003, and married in 2004. We attended the 50 Year Reunion in Ojai in December of 2006. It was beautiful. We held hands and kissed for the first time at camp.

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