Philip P. Spectre & Barbara Lerner Spectre

Barbara was reading a book on “the rock'” when I happened by in a canoe. I said something really foolish like, “Are you going my way?” From the moment she came into my canoe we have been sailing together. Ramah was and is a great and powerful influence on us both. It gave us direction in life, in our careers and influenced us to make aliya. Later we returned on Mishlachat with our children.

From Mort Steinberg, former National Ramah President:

Phil was my counselor in 1959 in Tzrif Tet, the year he and Barbara became an “item” at camp.  I was 14 that summer. He was probably the most influential counselor I had in my seven summers as a camper at Wisconsin, all of which were filled with tremendously influential teachers and counselors who, almost without exception, went on to become great leaders in the Jewish world. Barbara was from Highland Park and one of the “kids” our Rabbi Philip Lipis, z’l, sent to Ramah in the 1950s


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