Ivan Marcus & Judy Lefkowitz Marcus

How wonderful to be claimed by more than one Ramah!! Ivan and I spent our camping years at Connecticut where we were in the same edah but went out with others. We started going out together in Nyack the year it opened in 1961 and continued to see each other in Connecticut in 1962 before getting married in 1964. I had two years in Poconos in the Mador (1960) and Bechor (1965) Programs, some pre-camp at Glen Spey in 1968, worked as a teacher in Berkshires in 1968 and was a camp doctor at Berkshires in 1974. I am a long-time board member of Ramah Berkshires.

All four of our children went to Nyack and the Berkshires. Two of our children met and married their spouses at Berkshires. Yuval, our oldest, met his wife Liz at one of the Berkshires Alumni Labor Day Weekends. They have three children, two of whom already attended Nyack.

Our youngest logged the most camper years of all of his brothers at Berkshires and married a woman who also spent many years at Berkshires and was already interested in him then, but they started dating later. They are still very networked with Ramah Berkshires and many of their married friends are from camp. Ehud also is active in the local winter RBA and Erica co-chaired this year’s Alumni Labor Day Weekend at Berkshires.

All of this background is to clarify whether Ivan and I as a couple qualify for being a Berkshires couple with children who are also Berkshires couples. After the Arielle Greenbaum – Yoni Saposh wedding recently, it was brought up that they were the first second-generation Ramah Berkshires couple, if Ivan and I didn’t count because we started going out at Nyack. The issue was whether Nyack, as the precursor of Berkshires counts.

So, if you want to count us as a Connecticut/New England couple, we have no objection, as all of our camper days were in Connecticut. We even tried to find the place a few years ago, but it was all weeds blowing in the wind.

In the Berkshires chadar ochel there is a wall of plaques of Ramah couples and Ivan and I, Yuval and Liz, Ehud and Erica are proudly there.

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