Jeffrey Kress & Adena Lebeau

Down by the agam? At a staff Peulah? In a quiet pagoda?  Nope. For us, the romantic site that started it all was the Homowack Hotel in the Catskills (by the Ms. Pac-Man machine near the Matador room, to be exact). Yes, we are a Ramah inter-marriage – Adena from Wisconsin and Jeff from Berkshires. We were united through the largess and generosity of Bert B. Weinstein in 1988, during the staff training weekend that bears his name.

We have managed to work past our mutual camp preferences and affiliations – Adena has spent Labor Days at Berkshires and Jeff has visited Wisconsin and owns several pieces of Raman Wisconsin gear. As for our children? We are trying to raise them in an environment of pluralism and acceptance of all people, regardless of their Ramah-of-origin.

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