Stuart Kelman & Vicky Koltun Kelman

We met in the first Mador (the summer of ’59) at Ramah in the Poconos. Although I had gone to the Poconos all along, Stuart was from Ramah in Connecticut (a predecessor of Ramah in New England). We were not even friends that first summer – we ran in different crowds. Then Stuart went off to Israel and I started at Cornell. We re-met 4 years later in the fall of 1963 when I was a grad student at JTS and he was a senior in the Joint Program. We married in December 1964 and moved our Poconos/Connecticut ‘mixed marriage’ west in 1969. We’ve been at Poconos, Palmer and Ojai. The rest – as they say – is history… at Ramah in California! All of our children have been staff children, campers, counselors, unit heads, and specialists at Ramah in Ojai.

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