Ken Gold & Marcy Felsenfeld

Ken and Marcy first met when Ken was a counselor in Marcy’s edah in 1985. They reconnected in 1996 when we were both living in New York City and were active in Ramah alumni events and social gatherings.

The two met again at a Ramah Labor Day reunion in 1999, and they were married in 2001. Their oldest son started at Ramah in the summer of 2013; while their two younger boys spend their summers at Ramah in the gan while their father works on staff.

“Ken was my counselor. He was a great counselor, and I had such a crush on him,” Marcy recalls. “I think he thought I was a sweet kid.”

Ramah, she says, “changed my life. Camp gave me an understanding of the significance of being part of a community, and I think the communal nature of Jewish life.”

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