Fred Elias & Michelle Elias

So, Solelim ’96 had to pray every morning and so it was Michelle and my tafkid as va’ad tefillah to coordinate the campers’ tefillah experience. Not only did the campers have a great tefillah experience that summer but a new Ramah relationship was born. While it took some months and time to solidify our “coupleness,” we always look back at that summer as the start of our life together. Incidentally, I always get a good laugh when I tell new counselors at Ramah that I met my wife on Va’ad Tefillah. It does get them to think twice about which va’ad they will choose!

We got married in August 2001 with many staff members and our old campers present. We continue to share our love for Ramah with our daughter Kayla who has been a staff child at Berkshires for as long as she has been born (2005).

Yes, we did make the leap from Palmer to Berkshires….always a good conversation starter with our Ramah friends!

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