Simmy Kustanowitz & Ilana Edelman Kustanowitz

Ilana and I sort of knew each other when we were campers at Ramah in the Berkshires, but I was an edah older than she and we didn’t really become friends until we worked together on staff in 1997.

From day one of Staff Week ‘97, Lani and I clicked in an amazing way. Within days, we were confiding in each other, sharing childhood stories, and simply enjoying every minute we spent together. We quickly became the best of friends, and that friendship only intensified as we worked together the following summer, as counselors for Gesher ’98.

In ’99 we both worked in camp yet again, Lani in Gesher and me as JC Advisor. We were still platonic friends, but everything was about to change. In February 2000, we decided that we were finally ready to give this a shot.

Our big, seemingly-risky decision began a journey that led to our engagement in 2002, our beautiful wedding in 2003, and countless incredible moments along the way. We’ve also made plenty of trips to Ramah to revisit all of our memories – those we created through twenty-two combined years in Wingdale – both independently and with each other.

Lani and I often find ourselves thanking Ramah in the Berkshires for helping to shape who we are today. Many of our friendships, memories and positive personality traits were developed and nurtured within that small piece of land between Bet Am Bet and the marp. And yet with so much to be thankful for, we’ll never forget the most important part Ramah played in our life – it brought us together.

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