Michael Don Katz & Betsy Dolgin Katz

We met on the kikar the first day of camp. Michael was holding a tikkun, preparing a Torah reading. We sat back to back at meals because we each were counselors in the oldest cabins. We not only participated in discussions about Jewish text and adolescents in Rabbi Nachum Gordon’s JCC class, but also, Rabbi Gordon and his wife took the two of us together to a movie one free evening. Our real first date was in a canoe on Lake Buckatabon. In camp we shared our love of Judaism and of children. We talked about some of the big questions in life, sitting on the rock or on the point or walking on the garbage road. We imagined together the kind of life we wanted to lead. As if introducing us was not enough, Ramah took us on our honeymoon. Two weeks after we were married, we accompanied our campers (who had attended our wedding) on the Ramah Israel Seminar, our first trip to Israel. Jewish living, Jewish learning and Israel remain an important part of our life and that of our children up until today.

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