Adam Rosenthal & Jami Datnow Rosenthal

When we first met, we were nine years old – in Nitzanim at Camp Ramah in California. We were friends and pen pals for years, and had crushes on each other off and on…. Years later, when we were in college, we returned to Camp as Tikvah (now Amitzim) counselors, fell in love and have not been apart since.

We had a long-distance relationship for three years of college, then moved to be near each other in the Bay Area when we graduated.

We got married a few years later. Rabbi Reuven Taff, whom we have known for years from Ramah (he was Rosh Musikah), officiated at our wedding and there were many fellow Ramahniks there to celebrate with us. In fact, many of our best friends are people we met at Ramah.

Clearly, Ramah holds a very special place for us… it has always been a major part of both of our lives, and always will be.

(See also Allan & Wendy Rosenthal.)

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