John Schapiro & Sarah Asekoff Schapiro

We met while I was a JC and John was an AA.  We “went out” for three long days and then broke up.  We did not speak for the rest of the summer. Since John worked in the mail room, I always made the campers get the mail and toilet paper so that I would not have to see John.  The next year we were assigned to work in the same edah (Joan Tannenbaum was our rosh). We started to go out again that summer of 1990.  We dated all through college, got engaged in 1995, and married in 1996.  We had many Ramahniks at our wedding, & Ramah was even mentioned during our wedding ceremony. John and I are now the proud parents of a beautiful 3 year-old girl named Grace Elizabeth (Liba Neshamah).

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