1960s Marriages

Hundreds of Ramahniks have fallen in love and married someone they met at camp or on a Ramah Israel program. Below are Ramah marriage stories from the 1960s.

Bill (William) Leigh Gross & Lisa Spertus Gross

Met: 1957    Married: 1962    

I met Bill in 1957 the first day of camp that summer. Sheila Goldberg noticed the new guy as we piled out of the dining room. His smooth friendly face was covered with patches of gentian violet, but Sheila struck up a conversation with him and we discovered that he was the younger brother of the handsome, Jim Gross whose baby face we used to swoon over the summer before.

Ivan Marcus & Judy Lefkowitz Marcus

Met: 1958    Married: 1964    

How wonderful to be claimed by more than one Ramah!! Ivan and I spent our camping years at Connecticut where we were in the same edah but went out with others. We started going out together in Nyack the year it opened in 1961 and continued to see each other in Connecticut in 1962 before getting married in 1964.