Romance at Ramah

Nancy B. Scheff wrote an exciting chapter about Ramah marriages for the Ramah at 60 book published in 2010.

The Ramah leadership has always known that there are hundreds of married couples who met at Ramah. For years, individual Ramah camps have reached out to couples who met at camp. One of the walls in the hadar ochel at Camp Ramah in the Berkshires is covered with plaques inscribed with the names of the couples who met at camp. Similarly, Ramah Poconos has a gazebo  zugot (couples gazebo). Convinced of the commonalities of the emotions and factors that lead to Ramah marriages, the leadership of the National Ramah Commission (NRC) began the first national outreach effort in the spring of  2005 to document the stories of these Ramah couples. We created a website at and sent e-mail messages requesting that couples register and “spread the word” to other Ramah couples. At that time, we had no idea how much interest this project would generate.

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